Tweetie for Mac : Tips & Tricks Guide

Tweetie, the just released Desktop version of the the popular iPhone client is fast winning over people, converting people from Tweetdeck and twitterific. Though the Tweetie interface looks minimalist, it is not lacking in features. The features are well covered in the tweetie homepage but some of the features  are quite hidden, probably to keep the user interface clean and beautiful. Tweetie is definitely the most beautiful mac twitter client right now. It reminds me very much of Adium and iChat.


Tips & Tricks

Better Icon

If you are not a fan of tweetie's default dock icon (I don't like it), you can now replace them with some elegant icons like this.

Tweetie New Icon

Better Bookmarklet

The default bookmarklet that comes with tweetie only picks up a page's URL. Using this Post With Tweetie bookmarklet will give you the option of picking the selected text to post to tweetie along with the URL. If there is no selection it will pick the page's title and URL. Thanks joe for the getselection code

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of the features of Tweetie can be accessed through keyboard shortcuts.

There are also keyboard shortcuts for dealing with multiple accounts.


The preference pane is pretty lean right now. Here you can set your URL shortening service (default is, Image Service (default yFrog), Global Hot Keys for showing/hiding tweetie and composing a new tweet, previewing short URLs in tweets and add multiple accounts

Minor Annoyances

You can vote for features for tweetie at their getsatisfaction page

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