Safari vs Firefox vs Chrome on Mac: Chrome Wins!

Almost a month back, I had done a comparison of javascript performance on the latest available betas of various Mac OS X browsers. Chrome edged out Safari narrowly in the Sunspider test and was a clear winner in V8. Chrome has now widened the gap and continue to lead in JavaScript performance. Opera has been dropped from the comparison because it was no match for the other browsers.



I love Firefox. It is still my main browser. But Firefox is slow compared to chrome and safari. It takes some time to start up (not a big problem),  uses more CPU (not good especially on a laptop), freezes sometimes and in general is not snappy. I have been using Firefox from the time it was called phoenix and it was a fast and nimble browser until version 2. After that Firefox has started to feel more bloated. Though 3.5 is faster than 3.0 in most areas, it has been out classed by safari and chrome.But until safari or chrome gets extensions it won't be able to ween away the power users. Chrome and safari are at least 2 times as fast as Firefox. The tracemonkey JavaScript engine improved the JavaScript performance of Firefox drastically but it still falls short of that of chrome and safari.

This is what I had said in the last performance shootout.

Chrome and Safari are clearly the browsers to beat. What is surprising is that, with a relatively new JavaScript engine and a completely new architecture Google’s V8 has managed to beat the other JavaScript engines......we can definitely assume that Google is in it for the long term and has a strong interest and stake in making Chrome faster.  So I’m making a bold prediction that in a year’s time, V8 will leave other JS engines in the dust

I still stand by that prediction. Though every browser improved upon their scores chrome has improved the most.

Browser Versions Used are Firefox 3.5, Safari 4.0.1 and Chrome Nightly Revision 19587. Sunspider is the benchmark suite of webkit (Safari) and V8 is the benchmark suite created by Google Chrome developers.

Performance Data

Sunspider V8
2698 Chrome 759.0
259 1527.4 Firefox
Safari 863.6 1865
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