Replacing the Tweetie Icon with Something More Elegant

Tweetie Old Icon

Tweetie New Icon

Everything about tweetie is beautiful, well except the Dock icon. I can't understand how the designers of such a beautifully crafted application made such a pedestrian icon. Maybe in their eyes it is really good but quite a few did not like it. (Most don't like the idea of a dock icon for tweetie! ). Thankfully, Marcelo Marfil, a Graphic and Interface designer decided to apply his talent into creating better tweetie icons.

Marcelo has made available the tweetie icons to the public and if you like it, you can replace the default tweetie icon with one of those.

First, download the icons from Marcelo's site (Click on the tweetie icon). The unzipped folder of the tweetie icons will be called Tweetie X and it will have two folders inside it. ICNS and iContainer. Open the ICNS folder. You should see 4 files. These are the icons  and you can open them using Preview.

Now go tour Applications folder where you have installed Tweetie. Select Tweetie and do a right-click or a ctrl-click. In the menu just opened, select "Show Package Contents". A new Finder window should now open up with the folder Contents.  Open the folder Resources inside Contents.

Quit tweetie. Select the icon you want from the ICNS folder and rename it to Tweetie.icns. Copy this file into the Resources folder. You should get a warning about the file being already present. Choose the Replace option. When you start tweetie next, you should have a brand new icon.

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