Install iGoogle Gadgets in GMail

A recent GMail labs feature "Add any gadget by URL" opens the gates of GMail to gadgets which were previously destined to reside only in iGoogle. But unlike iGoogle to add a gadget in Google you have to jump through hoops and loops.

  1. Go the iGoogle gadgets directory
  2. Find the gadget you want by searching or by browsing. Click on the name of the gadget to get a detailed view of the gadget. In that page on the bottom right hand corner you can find a link called "View Source" under the heading "For Webmasters". Right click the link and copy the URL. ("Copy Link Location" in Firefox and "Copy Shortcut" in IE)
  3. Now open Settings in GMail. There will be a gadgets tab if you enabled the lab feature. In the text box provided there paste the link obtained in the previous step and click "Add"
  4. Pray that your gadget works successfully :)
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