Chrome vs Firefox 3.6 vs Safari vs Webkit: Chrome Wins Again!

This benchmark has been updated with Firefox 3.6 release version, safari 4.0.4 and Chrome 4.0.29

In the last JavaScript performance shootout Chrome was the clear winner.  This time, inclusion of Webkit in the shootout has made the results less decisive. Overall Chrome is still the winner because it has such a huge lead over others in the V8 benchmark suite but in real world usage it is difficult to distinguish between Chrome and Webkit. Google Wave is a very JavaScript intensive application and it makes Firefox 3.5 crawl but using it in both Chrome and Webkit is a breeze while Safari struggles ever so slightly. It is interesting to note that, while there is an appreciable difference between the Sunspider scores of Webkit and Safari, their V8 scores came out almost identical.

V8 Test Scores

Sunspider Test Scores

The last data point (October 29th) of Safari and Firefox is from Webkit and 3.6b1 respectively. Since Chrome is only a developer preview it made sense to compare it to the development versions of the other browsers. Webkit changes don't always appear in Safari immediately and there is no published timeline unlike Firefox. Firefox is closing the gap in performance but in absolute terms it is still far behind Chrome and Safari. Both these browsers is 2 times better than Firefox on Sunspider scores. Also in V8 benchmark, Chrome is 10 times better than Firefox, Safari is 6.7 times better than Firefox and Chrome is 1.5 times better than Safari.Chrome is improving its scores in both the benchmarks while Firefox and Safari stagnates in the V8 benchmark suite.

Sunspider Test Scores Trend

V8 Test Scores Trend

Browser Versions Used are Firefox 3.5.4, Firefox 3.6b1, Safari 4.0.3, Webkit Nightly and Chrome Developer Preview. Sunspider is the benchmark suite of Webkit (Safari) and V8 is the benchmark suite created by Google Chrome developers.

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