3 Replacements for Default Mac OS X Menubar Clock

Default Menubar Clock

The default menubar clock on Mac OS X is quite limited. I would expect a calendar view to pop-up on clicking the clock but that is not the case. All you get are the choices shown left. To get a calendar view, you have to click "Open Date & Time" and even n you don't get a good calendar view and it is quite easy to accidentally set the system date while you are clicking about. Thankfully there are quite a few  alternatives.

Magical's issue of not opening in the current space is a deal killer for me, so my vote goes for eigenclock. Eigenclock does not privide a way to launch it automatically on login, so you have to add it to Login Items for it to launch when you login. Login Items can be accessed via System Preferences -> Accounts.

Also the default menubar clock can be disabled and enables from the system preferences panel. System Preferences -> Date & Time -> Clock.

For such a basic functionality it is a pity that we ahve to rely on third party apps but if it is any solace the options available are pretty good. Hope that Apple adds some more features, especially the calendar view to the menu bar clock.

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